About Us

Christmas With MumperBuilder / Architect MagazineOur basic goal is to build a quality product at a fair price while meeting the needs and desires of our customers. Our company T-shirts proudly display our name and logo on the front with the slogan "Ask Me About My Builder" on the back, our customers and employees wear them proudly and are often asked that very question. Over the years customers have told us the shirts have sparked conversations with many others who have said "I have a Mumper home too!".

We refer to ourselves as a "Home Builder" because we want our customers to know we understand it's not just a house we are building, it is their home. Building a new home is the single most expensive investment most people will ever make, so we understand the immense personal involvement our customers expect and need from our company before, during and after the process is complete. Over the years many of our customers have become personal friends of Jim and his staff, and many friends have become customers as well. Repeat customers are proof of a job well done, with one customer coming back more than 5 times over 25 years to update their home as their needs changed. Most of our staff has remained intact over the past 20 years welcoming returning customers with familiar voices when they call.

Mumper MDA Tour-de-Gaughn

We've found a quality reputation to be the best form of advertisement, on occassion though you will see our name on a water bottle donated to a local Fire Company Carnival, a Breast Cancer Walk or a Kiwanis Club Fundraiser Event. We have been a proud sponsor of the "MDA Tour-de-Gaughen" bicycle ride, raising over $17,000.00 in the past 4 years. We are also pleased to have helped several young men over the years achieve their Eagle Scout awards, as well as providing supplies and donations for other Scouting, Baseball and Soccer Organizations