About Us

If you are thinking about designing and/or building a home or renovating your existing home, Call Us. We will walk you through the entire process. We can design a home for you based on your ideas at no additional cost. If you already have plans, we can build your home based on those plans. Whether you already own a lot or need to find just the right location, we can help. If you are thinking about renovating or adding-on to your existing home, give us call at (717) 691-6919.

Here are some things for you to think about before our first meeting:

  • What are the room sizes in your current home? Are the rooms the right size for your needs?
  • What room(s) do you spend most of your time in?
  • Do you currently have sufficient storage space?
  • How many bedrooms do you need?
  • Do you prefer to have a first or second-floor master suite?
  • Do you prefer one or two-story living?
  • What types of amenities (countertops, cabinets, appliances, floor coverings, etc.) would you like to have in your home?
Here are some additional links which might be helpful to you for getting started:


www.donaldgardner.com www.eplans.com